Workshop Review | Paperglaze Calligraphy | Ruston, LA

I attended a calligraphy workshop on July 9th with Paperglaze Calligraphy at Sue Paperie in Ruston, LA. I have always loved the art of calligraphy but I only knew the Olde English version and boy was it hard. I never used the calligraphy I learned growing up because it was so hard and I wasted a lot of stationary trying to make a simple letter look nice. Even worse... the envelopes!!! 

I have been watching Shannon's work for a while after I met her a couple years ago at a bridal fair in West Monroe, LA. I decided that I would attend one of her workshops one day and see why her hand lettering style was different and so easy looking! I can't draw to save my life and my handwriting is good but not THAT good. Finally, our schedules aligned and I was able to book a seat at her workshop.

On the morning of July 9th, 2016, I awoke feeling like a giddy little girl who's excited about the day. Of course the workshop started at 9AM. Whoa! I don't ever get up that early on a Saturday! But I was up around 6, showered and out the door. We were waiting on the store to open. That's how excited I was. Just ask anyone, I don't wake up early and definitely don't arrive early. 

I brought one of my cameras, just for fun. I realized quickly that I wasn't going to take many pics because I was ready to learn. I got a few quick shots in and put it away to practice hand lettering techniques. I've been practicing and even wore out one of the nibs that was supplied through the workshop. I ordered more! Here's a brief look into the workshop details. If you're interested in learning something new, shoot Shannon an email at