Do's and Don'ts of Wedding Invitation Etiquette | Guest Post by Ashley Wahl of Invitobella

As an invitation designer, I am often asked by my brides the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Wedding Invitation Etiquette.  (It comes with the territory!)  Although the overall structure of an invitation has, for the most part, remained the same over decades – and centuries – modern brides have done away with the Emily Post’s set of rules. Traditional styles and etiquette has slowly evolved to allow for modern designs and today’s way of thinking.  The issue of what brides should and should not do with regard to their wedding invitations can get quite tricky and sometimes abundantly confusing for all those involved. 

I have compiled a small list of basic Do's and Don'ts when it comes to today’s invitation designs.

Do consider your color scheme and theme.  If you're opting to use a pop of color (say green or orange), try to incorporate that color into your invitation theme.  If you are doing a vintage lace or rose theme, opt for invitations that have those items on them.  Keep in mind that no one actually brings the invitation to the wedding to critique your decorations versus the invitation – you don’t need to be matchy-matchy!

Don’t opt for a casual style if your wedding will be formal – and vice versa.  I can't repeat this enough - your invitation sets the tone for the wedding.  If your invite is casual, and your event is held at a Country Club, don't be shocked when your guests arrive in jeans.  

Do place postage on your RSVP envelopes. It's a simple gesture, that'll help you in getting your RSVPs back on time.

Don’t use address label stickers to address your invitations. Why do we say address labels on wedding invitations are a no-no? First of all, and most importantly, it gives a less-than-detailed air to your planning. Second, you never know how such labels will handle with the postal service. Moisture of any kind may cause the letters to run, and corners of the stickers may pick or rip in transit. In other words, it’s a safer bet all the way around to forego this option entirely.  Most invitation designers offer addressing services and, if they do not, can direct you to a local calligrapher.

Do choose a style that’s really you.  Browse Pinterest, blogs, stationary stores, etc.  Try to narrow down what your like to 5-10 main invitations.  There are so many ideas floating around so don’t try to overwhelm yourself.  I often tell my brides to bring me a few pictures of invitations they like, they’re dress, and flowers.  These help me in finding out more about my bride and what sort of “feel” she’s going for.  Finding your perfect invitation is like finding that perfect dress!  

About Ashley Wahl, Owner of Invitobella, LLC

I grew up in small town Ponchatoula, Louisiana with big town dreams.  Although I have a BS in Psychology from Northwestern State, I was always drawn to the arts.  I could never draw pen to paper to save my life (I can’t even draw a straight line, and that’s not a joke!), but found my artistic niche in graphic design.  I'm a mommy, bookworm, and gymaholic that devotes my time to my two rambunctious boys, Caleb & Jax, and my amazing fiancé, Jason. When I’m not at a soccer field, baseball diamond, or the gym, I can often be found playing board games, refereeing Xbox battles and most brotherly arguments (mommy always wins 😉).  I have a minor obsession with magnolias, chalk paint and anything gold.