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Jil Dasher | Blog Session | Calhoun, LA | Family Photographer

Jil and I are church sisters. We host our college ministry and I've grown to love this sweet lady over the last year. This is the second time I've been able to do a session for her family and I feel so honored that she came back to me. Jil texted me about a week ago, asking if I could take a few pictures for this big blog article she was writing for a very popular blog. I didn't hesitate, not even when she said it was due that weekend. Thankfully, I'm in between wedding seasons so I was able to get them edited in no time and sent them to her the next day.

What went from being a "headshot" type session turned into a mini family session. Leila came out to help and did a wonderful job of making Jil at ease and smile more. Max, Bear and Fred kinda remind me of the three little bears from the Disney movie Brave. They're super helpful and when they're together, they can get mischievous. Not in the getting into things and setting up traps kinda way but the always tussling and all that. They were hilarious and enjoyed taking pictures more than their dad, Zach. He hates pictures and made sure I knew it. I also made him take extra because, payback. Haha! 

Overall, I enjoy these little popup sessions because they are fun and creative. They also take 30 minutes and are over fast. I love how they turned out because they look so relaxed and happy. Everyone needs a session like this in their life. 

You can check out more images from their last session here.


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