Wedding Planning Timeline : 6 MONTHS!


Congratulations! You're engaged! Now you're dying to start planning and decided you want a winter wedding. Or you got engaged at Christmas and want a spring/summer wedding. And all of a sudden, you're overwhelmed, don't know where to start and worried. I'm here to tell you don't fret! While having a longer engagement can save your sanity, there are no rules on length of engagement. 

One of my clients is currently going through this "overwhelming" part of planning and has asked for my assistance. I am THRILLED to help plan her wedding and so excited for them. I started digging to find a wedding timeline for 6 months of planning because, let's face it, it's time to get everything figured out then we can party later. I stumbled upon this graphic from Aisle Perfect and thought this was a great starting point. Obviously, the first thing you need to figure out is your date, location, budget and your preferred vendors so you can get them booked ASAP! Some of us book as far out as two years! 

Once you get your big ticket items out of the way, the rest will fall into place. Ask your vendors for help or find a close friend/family member that's been married or engaged recently. They'll give you a lot of pointers on finding things (ex: wine bottles, vintage decor, vendors if you're preferred vendors are booked, etc). Just remember, don't lose yourself in the process because this is your wedding and your style... own it! 

If you're one of my clients or interested in becoming one of my clients, message me! I'd love to help you with your wedding planning. In my business, I do more than just show up to shoot your wedding. I love to plan your wedding day with you so you're stress-free (because that makes me stress-free!) and it makes the overall planning easier. Plus, wedding vendors network so we can help you find all the missing pieces without stressing out over finding them. Let us help you... It's our passion.